NARA Records Management Assessment Released

January 8, 2016 by Andrew Borgschulte

Tags: Government, NARA

The Chief Records Officer at the National Archives and Records Administration recently released the 2014 Records Management Self-Assessment (RMSA) report. NARA uses this annual self-assessment to determine whether Federal agencies are compliant with statutory and regulatory records management assessment requirements as well as identify trends and areas of need.

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ARMA Recommends Federal Information Governance Rules Changes

January 5, 2016 by Andrew Borgschulte

Tags: Records Management, Government, ARMA

A recent post from ARMA espouses the importance of the U.S. federal agencies properly addressing records and information governance rules concerns earlier in the development process. As we've written before, a proactive approach to information governance is critical. ARMA International President Peter Kurilecz wrote a letter in fact, to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB). This was in response to proposed revisions to the government's rules concerning information governance rules.

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China Says Data Privacy Hacking Not Sanctioned by Government

December 21, 2015 by Andrew Borgschulte

Tags: Government, Data Breach, Data Privacy

Earlier this month, China admitted for the first time publicly that the data privacy breach of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's computer systems was the work of Chinese hackers. However, China insisted that these attacks were the work of criminals, not a state-sponsored attack. There has been no information released about any identifying details of these criminals.

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Records Management Included in Open Government Action Plan

November 18, 2015 by Andrew Borgschulte

Tags: Records Management, Government, Records

A recent article from ARMA highlights the new initiatives rolled out by the Obama administration as part of its third Open Government National Action Plan. This is part of the of the United State's membership in the Open Government Partnership which has grown to 66 countries and whose objective is stated "Member countries and their civil society partners are all working to increase public integrity, enhance public access to information, improve management of public resources, and give the public a more active voice in government processes.” They also hold a summit every two years where countries outline commitments to advance open #government.

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Hillary Clinton's Email Should Be Digital

March 12, 2015 by Shawn Cosby

Tags: Email, Government, NARA

Recently, Hillary Clinton's email was making headlines on the national news. Over 55,000 printed pages of Hillary Clinton's email is being handed over from her time as Secretary of State. The average person knows email is digital. Hillary Clinton's email should be stored and archived digitally. It makes no sense to print out 55,000 pages of Hillary Clinton's email. This is a problem for government agencies and private organizations alike. Let's ignore the politics of the situation and look at a modern approach the government is trying to implement.

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The Presidential Records Management Directive

August 19, 2013 by Chris Caplinger

Tags: Records Management, Government

In August of 2012, the National Archives issued a directive to carry out a presidential directive to overhaul the records management policies of federal agencies. NARA (National Archive and Records Administration) issued goal A3.1 of the Presidential Records Management Directive (PRMD) and has published information about how to get involved.

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