The Dangers of Prolonged Record Retention

May 24, 2016 by Dawn Garcia Ward

Tags: Litigation, eDiscovery, Records Retention

This post about record retention originally appeared in the Western Michigan Chapter of ARMA newsletter and was written by our guest blogger, Dawn Garcia Ward of Warner, Norcross and Judd and her colleague Emily Bakeman.

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Records Management is Critical to Protecting Your Business

August 20, 2015 by Andrew Borgschulte

Tags: Records Management, Records Retention

We all know that records management is critical for keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently. One underrated aspect however, is protecting yourself from fraudulent lawsuits. By creating a proactive strategy, you set your company up to be prepared for any issues related to records and don't have to rely on a reactive search and seek of miscellaneous emails or files. As anyone who has been through that process knows, it can be like finding the figurative needle in the haystack.

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File Servers: 7 Tips for Managing Files as Records

July 1, 2015 by Chris Caplinger

Tags: File Plan, Records Management, Records Retention, File Servers, File Shares

I am not here to tell you to leave all of your information on (file shares in) file servers, however we have learned after working with many customers needing Records and Information Management solutions that sometimes it’s just better to leave your files in place. At least for a while. Placing record retention policies on files (on your file servers) is very feasible if you stay within reasonable bounds.

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