What Does Gimmal's RecordLion Buy Mean for IG? We'll Tell You

April 28, 2017 by Team RecordLion

Mike Alsup and Chris Caplinger wrote an article that appeared on CMSWire this week. We have summarized it below.

Jim Amsler of GlassIG wrote an article titled “What Does the Gimmal Acquisition of RecordLion Mean for IG?” 

GlassIG is a thought leader in the information governance (IG) space and respected competitor of both Gimmal and RecordLion. But we believe Amsler’s article misunderstands the strategic nature of our combination.  

This is our response. We liberally quote Amsler’s article, which we encourage you to read. 

We waited to respond until Microsoft’s Advanced Data Governance announcement on April 4, because it allows us to better characterize the hybrid content governance challenges that most organizations need to address, including organizations that use Office 365, SharePoint, Share Drives and email.  

Additionally, the overall approach is explained:

With the new Microsoft Security and Compliance Center (a key part of Advanced Data Governance), Microsoft is strongly encouraging an in-place strategy for Office 365 content. It has not yet provided a mechanism for federated governance vendors to impose policy or archive content out of Office 365.  

This is a new and third governance approach. Gimmal intends to fully support all three of these approaches to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Gimmal’s hybrid content governance strategy is stronger with the RecordLion tools in our arsenal and with Chris Caplinger and his team at Gimmal.  

You can read the full article on CMSWire.

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