Information Lifecycle SDK Open-Sourced

November 17, 2015 by Brett Grego

We are extremely excited to announce that we have open-sourced the Information Lifecycle SDK.

We will no longer be releasing a new version of the SDK with each release of Information Lifecycle. Rather, we have decided that the best way to deliver the SDK is as an open-source repository on GitHub.

This will enable us to easily and rapidly make enhancements and improvements to the SDK out-of-band of a typical release cycle. We also hope this fosters a vibrant community of code sharing and participation in making our integration experience as good as it possibly can be.

We look forward to feedback and involvement from everyone as we move forward with our open-source effort. Please look forward to our regular contributions to the SDK as we add new features and functions to the Information Lifecycle platform and feel free to post in the GitHub repository if you require any assistance getting up and running.

The GitHub repository for the Information Lifecycle SDK can be found at the following location: