3 Ways to Solve the “User Problem” in SharePoint

April 18, 2017 by Cynthia Wood

SharePoint offers many advantages over shared drives and legacy platforms, with its content management capabilities and facilities for collaboration combined with its flexibility, low cost, and ubiquity. 

Unfortunately – it is also true that the user is often his or her own worst enemy. Below is an excerpt from the full article on Gimmal.com:


The easy creation and population of countless sites, without regard to how the sites and content relate to each other, presents many avenues by which information can be lost, miscategorized, and misinterpreted. The result is user confusion, frustration, and dissatisfaction … and ultimately, reluctance to use SharePoint.

CMSWire reporter David Roe focuses on this issue in The Problem with Microsoft SharePoint? People. The article highlights the results of a 2016 AIIM survey (underwritten by Gimmal) of SharePoint professionals, in which 58% of respondents report that user adoption remains an issue. The report concludes, “This is an indication of human deficiency, rather than technological deficiency. It is not the technology that is failing the organization in as much as it is the organization failing the technology.”

How can your organization maintain the positive aspects of empowering users in SharePoint while avoiding the associated pitfalls that can lead to lack of user adoption? As a start, administrators can implement these three measures: