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Online vs. On-Premises: How Does Cloud Adoption Affect SharePoint Records Management?

June 21, 2017 by Andrew Borgschulte

Tags: Cloud

A recent study by Sharegate highlights the growing popularity of SharePoint online across organizations. Not surprisingly given the overall IT culture today, SharePoint Online adoption is increasing.

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Keep Your Office 365 Compliance On Track

June 16, 2017 by Andrew Borgschulte

Tags: eDiscovery, Compliance

Office 365 compliance is a critical part of any information governance strategy. Microsoft understands this and with the E5 plan, advanced compliance is integrated into the service allowing organizations to meet their unique requirements with their cloud service.

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Microsoft's New Advanced Data Governance: First Impressions

April 6, 2017 by Andrew Borgschulte

Tags: Office 365

Gimmal CTO Brad Teed gave his first comments on Microsoft’s release of Advanced Data Governance yesterday on CMSWire. In his article, he discusses how these features will affect information governance and policy. From the post:

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6 Cloud Security Requirements For an Information Governance Implementation

March 24, 2017 by Andrew Borgschulte

Tags: Cloud, Cybersecurity

Cloud computing has been steadily increasing its reach in the last few years and has now become a prominent consideration during any information governance implementation. The anywhere access and business continuity provide significant advantages versus standard on-premise solutions. Of course, there are serious security concerns that accompany the cloud.

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[Video] How Data Cleanup Can Reduce Compliance Risk

February 10, 2017 by Andrew Borgschulte

Tags: Dark Data, ROT Data, data cleanup

SharePoint Information governance is more than having policies and plans. There are pieces that need to work together to ensure your records are managed effectively.

We held an informative webinar about successfully discovering, deleting, and migrating redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data.

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3 Areas of Focus for SharePoint Records Management Improvement

January 27, 2017 by Andrew Borgschulte

Tags: Email, eDiscovery, Retention

As we've referenced before, more than half of all organizations have experienced a data-related incident. Out of those who reported an actual breach, half attributed it to hacking and the other half to employee negligence. Unfortunately, according to the report, about a third of these negligent acts were willful. Let's explore a few areas that are particularly high risk and can be solved by a complete SharePoint records management program.

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Common Questions Executives Have About SharePoint Information Governance

January 13, 2017 by Andrew Borgschulte

Tags: File Plan, Records Management

1. We already have a File Plan and our policies and disposition are well defined.  Why do we need SharePoint Information Governance?

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3 Things to Consider with SharePoint Records Management in 2017

December 14, 2016 by Andrew Borgschulte

Tags: Governance, Compliance

When talking about SharePoint records management and implementing an overall information governance program, there are many factors to consider. As we look ahead to 2017, ensuring that all business units are involved and the organization as a whole has an in-depth understanding of the importance of information governance is a crucial first step. Let's discuss three other important considerations. 

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3 Reasons SharePoint Email Integration Makes Sense

December 9, 2016 by Andrew Borgschulte

Tags: Exchange, Email, SharePoint

Email is of course omnipresent in everyone's daily business life. On average, knowledge workers send and receive more than 25,000 emails per year and spend as much as one to two hours per day reading and responding to those messages (source).

This problem has spread directly to the world of information governance as it is estimated that 10% of those emails should be classified as a record.

The infographic above spells out a potentially troublesome situation when it comes to email records. Let's discuss how SharePoint email integration can be beneficial in any organization.

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5 Email Security Threats That Increase Compliance Risk

November 21, 2016 by Andrew Borgschulte

Tags: Email, Office 365

An article on the Office 365 blog highlights five overlooked threats to your email security that can cause substantial compliance risk. All too often, easily preventable breaches occur because of either a poor process in place or simple carelessness by an employee. However, there are times when no matter how vigilant, a hack can occur. The five threats below are ones which may have been overlooked and should jump to the front of your mind to avoid becoming a victim of a breach.

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