Microsoft's New Advanced Data Governance: First Impressions

April 6, 2017 by Andrew Borgschulte
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Gimmal CTO Brad Teed gave his first comments on Microsoft’s release of Advanced Data Governance yesterday on CMSWire. In his article, he discusses how these features will affect information governance and policy. From the post:

What is new with the recent update is Microsoft’s unification of retention policies across the Office 365 service. Within a series of mouse clicks, users can create a retention policy and apply it to Exchange (email and public folders), SharePoint sites, OneDrive for Business, Office 365 Groups and Skype for Business content.  

This opens up new options for organizations to create and enforce a number of information governance initiatives.  

Layered on top of Retention Policies are Classification Labels. With Classification Labels, organizations can manually apply a specific information governance rule to content. The Classification Label sets can be published to different locations across the Office 365 platform.  

Brad also had some insights on the full effectiveness of this update when it comes to an organization's information governance:

Microsoft deserves credit for listening to its clients and taking this leap forward. For those of us committed to the platform, we are happy to see these capabilities.  While adding some great capabilities, we believe organizations will find that some compliance requirements and information handling processes will require broader and deeper functionality in specific areas.

Check out the full article from CMSwire.

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