SharePoint 2016: How is SharePoint Records Management Impacted?

October 26, 2016 by Team RecordLion

Tags: Hybrid, SharePoint 2016, Office 365, Compliance

Now that SharePoint 2016 has rolled out, let's discuss its impact on records management. As with any long-awaited release, there were rumors and speculation around what features would or wouldn't be included. How will these features and changes affect the overall information governance of your records? We all know SharePoint records management is a priority for all organizations. We have compiled a list of the new or updated features and what effect it will have on records management.

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SharePoint (2016) Lives

February 10, 2015 by Chris Caplinger

Tags: Records Management, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint

Not that I ever really believed it was going to die, but I did come to a (incorrect) conclusion that it would be known as something else in the next iteration. As we found out last week when the Microsoft Office team posted on their Blog "The Evolution Of SharePoint", announcing that SharePoint Server 2016 is coming along with enhancements to SharePoint Online.

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