5 Things You May Not Know About OneDrive for Business

September 8, 2016 by Chris Caplinger

Tags: OneDrive, Office 365, SharePoint Online

Microsoft has been playing some marketing tricks on us, but they are not all necessarily bad. OneDrive for Business is a great example. The personal OneDrive product was and just is a personal cloud file share, much like Google Drive, iCloud Drive or even DropBox. However, Microsoft often uses the same name to brand two very different products such as Skype (for business) and in this case, OneDrive for Business.

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Office 365 – More Governance on the Way

August 12, 2015 by Chris Caplinger

Tags: Exchange, eDiscovery, SEC, Data Loss Prevention, Office 365, IRM, SharePoint Online


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Data Encryption & SharePoint Online

March 10, 2015 by Chris Caplinger

Tags: Exchange, Encryption, OneDrive, Privacy, SharePoint, SharePoint Online

Raise your hand if you haven't been impacted by a data breach in the last year. If your hand is up, data privacy and encryption is something you probably wish you didn't have to care about. If your hand is down you are probably one of the information technology or security folks that may be mad at me before you finish reading this post about data encryption and SharePoint Online.

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